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David Studwell

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

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‘Pink Floyd’ is a six colour screen print by London artist David Studwell. David’s work harnesses the spirit of the sixties and seventies, the cult of celebrity and British popular music. It was only natural then that David chose to revisit the psychedelic sixties and create a re-working of a classic Pink Floyd image and firmly transport it into the present. “Pink Floyd were a product of their time and became a highly successful psychedelic rock band, whilst working on the artwork I wanted to echo an era steeped in change, psychedelia and liberation. The colours used in the piece reflect those times and the half-tones deliberately echo the sixties; giving a distinctly retro-feel to the piece." The print was technically very challenging due to the number of half-tones used.

H 65 cm x W 95 cm x D 0.1 cm

Silkscreen Print

Limited edition, Unframed


Edition of 40

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