Born in Mene Grande, Venezuela, Maritza Dominguez Nelson graduated as an architect from Universidad Simon Bolivar Caracas, in 1979. She established her firm Maritza Dominguez Nelson Architects in 1989 and worked on numerous major projects, until her move to France.

Equipped with her considerable experience as an architect, immersed in the use of varied elements and materials to created bold forms, proportions and light plays, she transitioned into sculpture, iron becoming her choice medium of expression. She took courses in metal working and welding, and is currently an artist at the Atelier Paul Flury in Montreuil, France, and has her workshop in Benissa, Spain.

" Through observation of sequences in nature, I was inspired to create patterns with gradual variations from one component to the next. In repetition, there is strength, though the elements are never the same. Changing lines, curves and dimensions serve to create a dynamic balanced whole. Light reflecting on different surfaces gives a sensation of weightelessness and movement, defying the nature of iron."

Maritza's work is in private collections and has been exhibited in both collective and solo exhibitions in Paris and Montreuil.

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