Mary Yazhari combines classical fine arts training with personal experience of both studying and working in Iran, Japan, Belgium, and the UK. Since the 1990s, her main focus has been printmaking, which she discovered while living in Europe.

Her printmaking style draws upon diverse study of classical techniques, with a particular focus on Persian miniatures and Japanese Sumi-e (watercolour). Mary Yazhari's extremely subtle world evokes the exotic countries she has lived in. The contemplative nature of her imagery, her use of subtle tones, as well as her extremely composed images show a real maturity in associating Eastern and Western influences. She finds her inspiration in nature, and mentions her childhood and formative years in Iran and its beautiful scenery as a crucial influence on her body of work.

Many of the themes pervasing her work revolve around the seasons, and the powerful imagery that they can evoke.The bleak beauty of midwinter, the renewed hope of early spring and the rich decadence of midsummer are consistent themes running through her work. As Mary explains: "I want my work to have a lasting impact on the viewer, and believe the muscular simplicity of printwork is a very effective tool to achieve this."

Mary's work has been exhibited internationally, both in galleries and museums and is part of the Victoria & Albert Museum collection.

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