For contemporary, fine-art print-maker, Emma Reynolds, the sky’s the limit. Her artworks are characterised by a fascination with playful and experimental processes that help to explore and interpret ways of presenting her love of the ever changing sky and the surroundings it brings its atmosphere to.

Urban, maritime, or pastoral, Reynolds’ landscapes are dominated by a sweeping expanse of sky. The effect is visually evocative, but also a potent reminder to step away from our increasingly busy and urbane lives and recall the awesome beauty of the world we live in, even if it just takes a moment to look up. Her love of the sky particularly relates to it being a unifying part of nature that is always present and free for all to wonder at.

Showcasing an appreciation of open space and a clear horizon, many of Reynolds’ works centre on a motif - from birds, to children, to flowers - seeking to connect the viewer to a nostalgic moment from the their own past. For this aesthetic of reverie and reflection, Reynolds’ prints favour vintage colour schemes that capture Halycon days gone by - but always with an eye on the limitless horizon of the future.

Her hand printed screenprints take her three loves, drawing, painting and photography and mixes them together with her technical ability as a printmaker while employing her computer based skills from her previous career as an art director for motion graphics.

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