Jennifer Watt was born in Dumfries and graduated at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee . She lives and works in Scotland.

Jennifer is nationally known for her elegant bronze and resin figures, many of which celebrate women and motherhood.

Her distinctive style developed after winning a Royal Glasgow Institute prize which involved going to France. While there she became fascinated by human shadows. “I started to take photographs of people’s shadows, and really noticed how they reduce their forms to such an elegant simplicity,” she said.

Jennifer’s sculptures, which can be found in homes and gardens across the UK and far beyond, can each take two months to design and create. After the initial sketches, she creates an armature from metal rods. This “skeleton” is then covered in clay and a mould is created for the resin or the molten bronze. Once the casting is complete the sculpture is patinated to achieve the desired final texture and colour.

Jennifer’s figures are highly stylised and often tall and slender, with the women frequently wearing the small hat which is a trademark of her work.

Jennifer has won numerous awards for her work, the most recent including:

- By Distinction Art Award Paisley 126th Annual Art Exhibition (2015);

- West College Scotland Award for Sculpture Paisley 125th Annual Art Exhibition (2014).

Elected as a Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland (2007 )

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