Laurence Perratzi is a figurative artist exploring the body’s expression. Her work is a reflection on movement strongly influenced by her athletic background where poise and balance are paramount. The figures challenge gravity with subtle poses or sometimes snapshot of body in action.

Laurence Perratzi graduated from a French business school in 1993 and has since been travelling all over the world. She lived in Paris, Hong Kong, San Francisco and London. She decided to move away from business in 2001 and dedicate herself to her true passion: sculpture. She started to work under the tuition of various sculptors such as Jean-Charles Mainardis, Jan Buckley and Hywell Pratley.

In her “Just a Pea” series, Laurence seeks to playfully remind us to take a second look at trivial burdens in the macrocosm of life, shrinking them to the microcosm of a pea, an uplifting admonition to ‘not stress over the small things’.

Although Laurence is known for her work in Bronze, her recent work (“Trees”, “Women thoughts”) is an explosion of joy and freedom where she gives way to her fantasies, battles with materials such as plaster, wood, straw, jesmonite, achieving intimate and powerful sculptures up to 240cm.

Unlike her bronzes that are usually made in a limited edition of eight, the trees are all unique, one off pieces.

Laurence Perratzi took part to her first exhibition in 2003 in Paris and is now

exhibited around the world in major Art Fairs and in galleries in New York, Paris, Singapore, and London. Her work is in Private collections worldwide and is also displayed in the lobby of prestigious London Hotels such as The Waldorf but also the “Residence” of the French ambassador in London.

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