Charlotte Gerrard's vibrant and unique screen prints form part of a collection called ‘Animals close to me’ and are all one-off pieces inspired by direct meetings with the subjects. The works are hand-pulled in her studio using 'old school' techniques on hinged wooden screens.

Editions are very small with each print often varying from the next making every piece unique. In her multiple duck pieces she focuses on shifting the forms to produce overlays or doubles, hence creating a waddling effect. Charlotte's vivid and expressive use of colour creates striking animated images full of fun and humour.

Charlotte spends an equal amount of her of her studio time sitting at an easel and has produced a multitude of beautiful large - scale paintings. Cows have become her known subjects and her work aspires to strike an empathic resonance with these characters as she translates their expression to canvas by manipulating the paint to create a dynamic and energetic picture.

She regularly travels to India and has spent numerous days with her camera in the holy towns photographing the street cows. The Indian cows completely lend themselves to her magnified use of colour, her experimental ‘rangoli’ stencilling using powder pigments, and her unique gold embellishments.

On her recent trip, she set out to build relationships with local charities: Save A Cow and TOLFA who rescue cows from illegal traffickers or road accidents and rehome them in sanctuaries known as Gaushalas. The photographs she took on her latest mission have inspired her new collection, and she will donate 10% of her profits to these charities.

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