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Marianne Nix

Hampstead Roadside Poppies - Of My Mind, 2021

Hampstead Roadside Poppies - Of My Mind, 2021

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Marianne Nix has been a Hampstead resident for a very long time, and sometimes finds her inspiration there, as is the case for this digital print.

Hampstead is a haven for nature and ideas. This artwork combines the use of flowers from the roadside of Hampstead Heath to make the photographic Cyanotype. This is then embellished with the thoughts and ideas of the artist as well as the minds of those who invented tools of today that we use to make art.

Cyanotype photography layered with digital tools

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® paper

Height 36 cm, Width 28 cm - paper size

Edition of 100 plus 2 AP

Signed and dated

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