What has Louise Stebbing been up to during lockdown?

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While some of us just went out for walks in nature during lockdown, Louise never went out without her sketchbook. She has produced a few new artworks... and raised money for charity.

"I went for a walk with a few friends before lockdown started, on March 13th, and during the walk, I drafted some very quick sketches. I always carry my tiny notebook and some watercolours with me, wherever I go. I like working from my sketches better than photographs, because it helps me draft the key elements of my picture, when I'm in the middle of it all." Louise lives in Norfolk and gets a lot of inspiration from her beautiful surroundings.
Then Louise went back to the studio, and started carving the Lino for three beautiful new reduction linocut prints: Spring is in the Air, Pine Wood, and Starry Wood. However, she felt unsettled, and thought she was very lucky to be living where she is, and wanted to help those who were struggling during this pandemic. She decided to work on a limited edition to help Toiletries Amnesty, which provides much needed help to alleviate hygiene poverty.
In May, when finally the government announced that you could take your car to go and visit beauty spots again, Louise finally went for another walk, and took her sketchbook of course! Then she went back to her studio, and after having carved the Lino, started printing it colour by colour. This is Emily's wood, before the last layer of black is applied. The artist rolls the ink on the Lino, prints one colour, then carves out the Lino further, then prints the next colour, ... until the print is finished. This process doesn't leave room for mistakes.
Louise's work has been critically acclaimed, it has been published in various books and magazines, and she has won numerous prizes. Louise is usually very busy with exhibitions, open studios, but she says everything has been either moved online or postponed at the moment. So she has decided to apply to Sky Landscape Artist of the Year... Watch this space!
This is the linocut for Emily's wood. Louise has carved out areas which she doesn't want to print when she will roll out the next colour..